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  • Let me step into your life for a moment and I’ll show you how special it is for eternity

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Art made out of your real life

I strongly believe we must be proud of our real life. We must honor our sincere connections and celebrate our true selves. I make it my mission to show you this beauty by creating a lasting and artful memory of your special everyday life. All while you're having a relaxed and fun time.

Why me?

You want to work with me because you love to have authentic unposed photos of yourself and your beloved family, but you don’t like the idea of having a stranger in your house with whom you have to interact (Yes, I’m talking to you dads!). Well, let me tell you I’m the most relaxed stranger you will ever meet! Before the session I will take the time to get to know you and your family, because I want to connect with you and your kids before I step into your space. This way we can all relax and create something beautiful together!

What are you looking for?

When you are searching for:

  • An unposed, relaxed photo shoot in which you and your loved ones can be yourselves;
  • a photographer that really sees you and captures every special detail and habit of your family;
  • a way to create a beautiful memory for yourself, your kids and generations to come;
  • a photographer with whom you can laugh and relax without worrying if the kids are on their best behaviour;
  • photos of your whole family without someone missing because mom or dad is taking the pictures;
  • a photographer that wants to connect with you and your family before stepping into your life;
  • art made out of your real life.

I'm your woman.

Contact me to create art together