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So this is me. A funloving, direct and open person who goes through life with a big smile on her face and a camera around her neck. I love spending time with my son and with my man, but I also cherish the moment that I can close the door and can actually hear myself thinking again. I love travelling and exploring the unknown and I can’t wait until my son is old enough to be dragged along. Also: I'm totally crazy about science fiction and fantasy. I don’t think I have read a realistic book for years. Realism is my daytime thing.

My family

That energetic little dude in the photos is my son Joa. He’s the very reason I fell in love with unposed family photography. Not that posing was an option: he NEVER sits still and REFUSES to look at the camera. Because of his stubborn character I've used my documentary approach to capture his true spirit and his authentic life. I'm so glad I did. Now he has visual proof of how fiercely he is loved. And when he's older he see and understand how he became such an incredible person.

I post my family photos regularly at my Instagram account, I invite you to follow along with our adventures.

Me as a mom

I can not even begin to describe how much these photos mean to me. They were made in 2018 by my good friend and fantastic family photographer Chelsea Silbereis. This photo session was a huge gift to myself because I was always documenting my son’s life and was therefore never in the picture myself. I was afraid that one day he would ask me “But where were you, mommy?”. So I decided to book a documentary family session. It was the greatest experience. And the photo book that came out of this photo session is the most valuable book I have. I can not thank Chelsea enough for what she did for us, these photos mean the world to me.

So this my story. Now let’s tell yours!

I want to offer your family the same gift I gave mine: creating art out of daily life and preserving those ordinary - but oh so special - family memories for a life time. And for generations to come.