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Your products


I believe in printed photos. Of course you can view your photos on a computer, but why settle for that if you can have a big and beautiful family art book lying on your coffee table? Waiting to be grabbed by your kids for the 1000th time or by your friends who are coming over for dinner? If you decide to invest your money and time in a session with me, I want to make it really special. Let’s create a legacy in book form to be explored and enjoyed for this generation and generations to come.


Of course you will love all the photos that I deliver, but some will just be extra special to you. Photos that make you feel warm and fuzzy just by looking at them. Why not get that feeling every day and hang your favorite photos on the wall? Printed with exquisite quality, of course.


My love for prints aside, of course you can buy the high resolution digitals of our session if you prefer them. But let me tell you first that for every you photo you print in an album or as wall art, you get the digital photo (optimized for social media and with logo) for free. Not too shabby right?

Payment plan

I get that booking a session with me can be quite the investment. So if you want to spread the payments, that is no problem at all. Just tell me and we’ll come up with a payment plan together.