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Family photo session

Fill in this form to inform me about your wishes for your photo session and our first contact. You are not officially booking anything yet!

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    As soon as I receive the booking form, I will contact you for an introductory meeting. By phone or by mail. If you prefer either one, please let me know.

    The introductory meeting takes place by phone or video call. During the introductory meeting we’ll talk about your wishes for the photo shoot and about what I can do for you and your family. Next to that, I will explain how a documentary photo session works. This way we get to know each other and the requirements for the photo session better so we can have a good start for the photo session. 

    After the introductory meeting, you may let me know if we will be working together. If that’s a “yes” (happy to hear that), I’ll send you a contract. When the contract is signed, you will receive the invoice. Once the invoice is paid, your date is secured and we can look forward to the photo session!

    You can expect the slideshow of your photo session within 4 to 6 weeks. After I have sent the slideshow, we will make an appointment via Zoom or I will visit you in person so you can choose which type of album you prefer and which photo products are your favorite. Ordering the photo products takes up to 3 weeks extra. Are you in a hurry? Let me know and I’ll check my calendar to see if I can make sure the whole process goes faster.

    Yes of course you can! You can reach me at +31 (6) 14118928 or send an email to You can also contact me via the contact button below.

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