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Are you searching for a deeper layer in your photography? Do you feel you are not fully expressing yourself? Or haven’t you touched your camera in weeks because you feel overwhelmed or bored?

Then I have good news for you: there is a way out of your boredom or overwhelm. By taking intuitive photos that really mean something to you. How? By learning how to photograph from the gut.

When you understand what emotionally and visually drives you, you will never get bored with your photography again. And your photos will reach a new artistic level because they show a deeper emotional layer in your work. And there’s another plus: photographing from the gut is a great way to develop your creative voice, to show your unique vision of this world in your photos.

This three-week workshop will get you out of your boredom, fatigue and lack of creativity. You will learn how to follow your instincts and you’ll understand that ‘inspiration’ is not needed to pick up your camera and create meaningful work. After this workshop you’ll have experienced sides of yourself as a photographer that you have never experienced before and you’ll understand that you can always create, no matter the circumstances. And all this while developing your own unique creative voice.

Sign up and let this workshop help you to find a new way of seeing the world around you. In a playful and intuitive way.

About me

Let's start with the fact that I am the mother of the most stubborn 7-year-old living on this planet. But even so, I love him and he is my muse. I am a co-parent and enjoy life together with my son in my apartment in the center of Haarlem, The Netherlands. My son is the reason I became a professional photographer: two years after I started photographing him in documentary style and posting his photos on Instagram, I got booked as an (international) family photographer and mentor in the same field.

My father is the one who introduced me to photography at a young age, back then we were still developing our own rolls of film. I always saw photography as a hobby and when I graduated from Art School I was an illustrator and sculptor for 6 years before I fell in love with photography again. And thank god for that, because it turned out to be the greatest passion in my life. And with that same passion, I now create the most beautiful memories for other families.

Sounds good?

This is what the workshop has to offer you:

Huge impact

Unfreeze Yourself is a short workshop with a great impact: through 3 exercises in 3 weeks, your work and your thought process will undergo a transformation. The workshop will be a jumpstart for the (further) development of your own creative vision.

Private environment

You will work in a safe and supportive environment: a private Facebook group that you share with your fellow students. Here you can experiment freely and you learn to photograph according to your curiosity and from the gut.

Support and guidance

I am a committed teacher who gives feedback on all the homework you share, ensures that you get the best out of yourself and offers you support where necessary.

Weekly Facebook Live

Every week you can ask me questions via a Facebook Live in which I also share more information about the assignments and about the creative process in general.

Creative freedom

Besides the fact that this workshop can provide a considerable transformation, above all the students experience the workshop as a wonderful creative playground in which they can be themselves. During the workshop you will feel a sense of creative freedom that you probably haven't felt in a long, long time.

Your own time investment

How much time you invest in this workshop is entirely up to you. I recommend that you spend at least one hour a day on the assignments, but experience has shown that students like to spend more time on their creative development.

Some examples of the beautiful intuitive photographs that are created during the workshop:

Unfreeze Yourself 2025 starts in February!
The 9th edition of the Unfreeze Yourself workshop starts in February 2025 and will run for three weeks. The exact start date is not known yet. If you register now, you are eligible for the Early Bird price for the workshop of 195 euros instead of 225 euros! Sign up via the registration form and I’ll make sure your spot is reserved!


Yes, the main language is English because students from all over the world participate in the workshop. Which actually contributes tremendously to the atmosphere of the workshop. If you are unsure of your English, please contact me!

No, that is absolutely not necessary. However, it is desirable that you are at least an advanced hobby photographer, meaning that you can operate your camera manually. Not sure if your level is high enough to join the workshop? Then be sure to contact me!

Definitely not! This workshop is attended by students from all over the world. You can submit your work at any time convenient to you and I do the reviews in my time zone. The live meetings via Zoom or via Facebook Live are scheduled at a time when both Europeans and students from other continents can attend the live meetings. When there are both American and Australian students in the group, a choice of continent will be made and the live meeting will be recorded for the people from the other continent.

Yes, absolutely! The workshop was written during the Covid pandemic when many photographers stopped picking up their cameras because they were so overwhelmed. Unfreeze Yourself teaches you specific tools so you can always photograph, no matter the circumstances.

You certainly can! Email me at or call/app me at +31 (6) 14119298

Don't wait to long to unfreeze yourself!