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Strengthen your vision, master your artistic growth

As photographers, we are curious creatures. That’s our nature, that’s our drive. It's also the reason why we are never satisfied with our work and are continuously striving for perfection.

As an Art School graduate and experienced photographer I’ve learned to analyse and critique my own work and that of others, which is vital for growth as an artist. I want you to have the same tools so you can lead a fulfilling artistic life in which you are the master of your own development.

In my One Year Mentoring Program we will make substantial and long lasting changes in your photography and the way you approach your own work. After our year together you can walk your photography path with more trust in yourself and your photography business.

Every program is custom built

This is what I can offer you:
  • Theoretical photographic knowledge
  • Critique on your work so you can improve your vision and your voice
  • Starting and guiding your personal photography project
  • Improving your editing style / finding your visual voice
  • Emotional guidance / facing your fears
  • Business advice

Every One Year Mentoring Program consists of 13 one on one mentoring sessions of two hours each. Our face to face sessions will be online, so it doesn’t matter where in the world you live. We will build a highly personal program together that adapts to your specific wishes and fits in your busy life. Oh, and when you get a nervous break down just before a shoot, you can call or text me. No problem. I’ll be there for you when you need me. For a whole year.