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10 countries

As a mentor I work with both Dutch and international students, I've helped students from 10 countries worldwide in the past three years.

22 times business succes

In three years time, 22 of my mentoring students have started a photography business or became fulltime photographers

6+ years coaching experience

More than 6 years of coaching experience helps my students to overcome insecurities and to excel as photographers

The growth of your art and your business. Guided by me.

Your art

Why do I explicitly emphasize that you are an artist? Because you are one; anyone who creates, anyone who expresses his or her vision of the world through a medium is an artist. Reality becomes art because YOU make the decision when you press the shutter button. How you portray the world depends on your creative vision. The more you can put of yourself in your photography, the stronger this vision becomes and the more unique your photos will be. Many photographers are still searching for their own voice in their work. I help you develop your unique vision so that you can confidently call yourself an artist and capture the world in a way that no one else can.

Your business

As an entrepreneur, your business must fit into your life and with who you are as a photographer. In our mentoring we will pay a lot of attention to how we can set up (or transform) your business into a profitable business in which you enjoy working every day.

About me

As a graduated artist at the Art Academy (in sculpture and illustration) I have developed a distinctive view on documentary photography and I use unique methods to help photographers in the creative and business field. In addition to a clear view on creativity and a strong analytical capacity, I also have years of experience as a coach, so I can work with you through your insecurities and fears. Together we break down your blockages stone by stone, after which you, freed from uncertainty and with a clear creative vision, can confidently step into the world. And capture it as beautifully as possible.

A program build to fulfill all your creative and business needs

This is what I offer you:
Creative vision
  • Your story; How do you see the world and how do you want to capture it?
  • Intuitive photography;. Learn to trust your gut and in this way learn to take more unique photos that say something about you as a person.
  • Experiment; Experimentation is vital to your creative development.
  • Point of view; Step away from that central composition and find the point of view that best fits the story!
  • Basic composition; Let’s build a solid foundation first
  • Complex composition; Challenge yourself further; think of complex layering and background composition
  • Storytelling in one photo; Learn to tell your story as clearly and interestingly as possible in one photo.
  • The complete story; How do you build a visual story with multiple frames that is diverse, interesting and readable? And evokes emotion?-
  • The selection process; An indispensable part of creating your story- Transition photos. Photos that glue the big picture together in an artistic way.
More creative
  • Detail photos; Photos that can convey strong emotions by zooming in on an important detail or atmosphere.
  • Non literal photography; Photos that are essential for the diversity in your story because they add atmosphere-
  • Creative use of technique; Learn how to make the most out of varying your aperture and shutter speed.
  • Editing; Your photos, your style.
  • Use of light; Be in control of any lighting situation and learn how different types of light can affect your storyline.
  • Environmental portraits; A wonderful addition to your documentary series
  • Customer experience; Learn how your customers feel seen, heard and spoiled by you and thus become repeat clients.
  • Pricing; Learn to determine prices by using clear calculations.
  • Selling Products; Learn how to best approach the sale of your favorite products so that they bring you a good profit.
  • IPS vs Fast Turnover; The pros and cons of selling or not selling your digital photos so you can choose what suits your business!
  • Online and offline marketing; A basic introduction to a very extensive world of possibilities!
  • Website; Whether you still need to build it or remodel it: we do it together!
  • SEO; An introduction to an indispensable tool.
  • Instagram; Learn how your account can generate followers and customers

Available mentoring spots in 2023:

  • In total 3 One-on-One mentoring spots in 2023. Starting in january, May and July. Please get in contact with me here when you are interested in one of the One-on-One Mentoring spots in 2023!
  • In total 5 Group Mentoring spots. Starting in September 2023. Contact me here for your spot!
  • In total 5 Master Year mentoring spots (group mentoring). Starting in September 2023. Contact me here for your spot!
  • One-on-One Mentoring 2023

  • 350*
  • One year, divided into 12 monthly 2-hour Zoom sessions.
  • Exclusive 1-on-1 attention and guidance
  • A program specifically adapted to your wishes
  • An extra free bonus mentoring session at the end of our year together, free to use whenever you want
  • Always standing by for your questions in between the mentoring sessions via email, Whatsapp or PM
  • Level of photography doesn’t matter
  • * Photography businesses get the 21% VAT reversed charged (0%), private persons have to pay an additional 21% VAT on top of the € 325 / $ 395
  • Group Mentoring 2023

  • 295*
  • One year divided into 12 monthly group Zoom sessions of 2 hours.
  • A small group of students, a maximum of 5
  • Personal attention for the development of each student
  • A private environment for you and your fellow students where you can contact each other (and me ) with questions and where you can keep in touch with each other in between mentorships.
  • 6 extra Min-Zooms in between the mentoring sessions
  • 3 half-hour One-on-One sessions per student
  • 2 Q&A's with your favorite photographers
  • Entry level: advanced hobby photographer or professional photographer
  • * Photography businesses get the 21% VAT reversed charged (0%), private persons have to pay an additional 21% VAT on top of the € 275 / $ 335


Forget about business, let's deep dive into your art!

Are you already on top of your business and are you only interested in deepening your creative self-development? Or don’t you want to go in business at all? I can make a customized creative trajectory for you. Please contact me if you are interested in this!

When you have any questions at all about both mentoring programs, please contact me!