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Last Days

A precious last memory

Every life comes to an end. Sometimes this end comes when people have had a full life and they are ready to leave this world, other times the end comes way to early. As a family photographer I can support you and your family (and friends) in the last phase of someone’s life with beautiful photos of your love and support for each other. Photos in which you all come together and enjoy each other’s company and love to the fullest. Photos in which you laugh out loud but in which there is also room for all the other emotions.

These photo sessions will get customized to every specific situation. They will get a priority in my schedule and in close contact with the people involved we will discuss what is possible (and what is not) during the photo session. The greatest advantage of documentary family photography is that absolutely nothing is expected of you, other than just being yourself. You don’t have to pose; you just have to focus on spending the day with your loved ones. Leave it up to me to capture your being together in the most memorable and artful way. And when desired, we also take the time to make some portraits.

After the session you’ll receive a beautiful photo album of the highest quality in which you can see the story of your moment together. These albums are precious memories from which family members and friends get a lot of support. Of course you can order separate photos next to the album.

Are you interested in a ‘Last Days’ session? Then please contact me to find out together what I can do for you!