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Vacation Photography

Your everyday away from home

Another fantastic option: I visit you and your family on vacation! Vacation is the most magical and memorable time for kids. For days or weeks they get all the attention of mom and dad, while they find adventure in their exciting new temporary home. A time worth documenting.

Why does it matter?

My most vivid childhood memories are those made on vacation. I was very lucky that my dad made photos of our ordinary life far away from home, because these photos take me right back to some of the happiest times of my life. Let's make sure your kids will too!

You can leave your camera or phone in the vacation home for a day and stop worrying about missing out on precious family moments. Because I'll be there to capture them. Just enjoy the day and hang out with your kids, have fun. I'll make sure they remember this special time forever.

Not only will I capture your vacation in a unique and artful way, but there’s another big advantage to hiring me for your vacation photos: when you get home and get back to work again, you don’t have to stress over making a vacation album. I’ve got you covered!