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Hidden Friends

Changing perspectives

As a documentary photographer I want to contribute to society and make people think about how certain social issues are perceived. With my personal photography projects I examine a certain subject for a longer period of time to gather a collection of images that have something meaningful to say. And that hopefully change people’s perspectives.

Hidden Friends

My biggest photographic project is called ‘Hidden Friends’. It’s about people who still sleep with their stuffed animals or blankies although the world thinks they are too old for it.

As I explored this topic I discovered that sleeping with a stuffed animal is a big taboo. The project got enormous media attention right from the start and hundreds of people contacted me to participate. In the two years I worked on this project I met so many awesome people. They opened their doors and hearts for me and shared their secret. Sometimes for the very first time. Because of them, I discovered I'm not the only 'crazy one' to sleep with a stuffed animal. Not by a long run.

In 2015 my project was published as a book by a renowned publisher and sold all over bookstores in The Netherlands. A dream come true.

Hidden Friends in the media

Hidden Friends is sold out in stores, but you can get your book here!

In the pipeline

I’ve got a new long term photography project in the pipeline. Check my wesbite regularly, follow my social media or subscribe to my mailing list to keep yourself updated!