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Pandemic Family Story

Family life during a crisis

From the first day my son couldn't go to school because of the COVID-19 crisis I decided to start a visual diary. Photographing our new daily life was my way to cope with the absurd new situation. I went searching for beauty in the chaos and I found her. Everywhere. My senses were never this heightened, my eyes were wide open. The result was that my photography underwent a change. I started photographing from the gut more and went beyond 'documenting real life'.

I will keep on photographing until my son is in school again. And when I'm finished photographing this period he'll get a big album about our life during the crisis. It'll make it possible for him to look back at a time that his school was closed, he didn't see much of his friends, had to wear gloves walking through our appartement building and all the fun stuff was prohibited. But he'll also look back at a time he got all the attention of his parents, ate a lot more candy and watched a lot more TV than usual, went on little adventures in the neighbourhood and got into bed with us each morning to give the day the best start possible. Next to amazement the feeling I get the most from this period is gratitude.

Until the crisis is over I'll post Pandemic Family Stories on Instagram on almost a daily basis. You're invited to check them out!

In the pipeline

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