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Unfreeze Yourself

A mini-workshop with a huge impact

Are you feeling bored with your photography? Do you feel you are not fully expressing yourself? Or haven’t you touched your camera in weeks because you feel totally overwhelmed by the situation in the world right now?

Then I have good news for you: there is a way out of your boredom or overwhelm. By taking intuitive photos that really mean something to you. How? By learning how to photograph from the gut. When you understand what emotionally and visually drives you, you will never get bored with your photography again. And your photos will reach a new artistic level because they show a deeper emotional layer in your work. And there’s another plus: photographing from the gut is a great way to develop your creative voice, to show your unique vision of this world in your photos.

This three-week workshop will get you out of your boredom, fatigue and lack of creativity. You will learn how to follow your instincts and you’ll understand that ‘inspiration’ is not needed to pick up your camera and create meaningful work. After this workshop you’ll have experienced sides of yourself as a photographer that you have never experienced before and you’ll understand that you can always create, no matter the circumstances. And all this while developing your own unique creative voice.

Sign up and let this workshop help you to find a new way of seeing the world around you. In a playful and intuitive way.

Check out the inspirational work the students made in the latest run:

And how they experienced the workshop:

Sounds good?

Workshop details
  • The fifth run starts on January 18, 2021;
  • Costs: € 225,- or 275 USD (21% VAT excluded)
  • meant for advanced hobby photographers and (semi-) professional photographers;
  • written for documentary family photographers, but;
  • open to photographers from all genres;
  • 3 weeks;
  • 3 assignments;
  • no pressure;
  • a safe and supportive environment;
  • a private Facebook group;
  • lots of fun, because we need that right now!

Are you ready to pick up your camera again, to find the passion for your photography again or to learn how to stay close to yourself when you are photographing? Please sign up now. And please don't wait too long because seats for this workshop tend to go fast!

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