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Unfreeze Yourself

mini - workshop for overwhelmed photographers

In these crazy times it’s easy to let everything slip out of your hands and dive under a thick blanket. But we have no time for that. We have kids, work, a household and a sort of normal life to maintain while waiting for the threat to pass.

Because we are in survival mode and so focused on the world outside, the first thing we forget about is ourselves. And that’s killing for our creativity. Like a kid it needs attention and nurture to really flourish.

This 3 week course will give you back the playfulness in your photography and will show you how your art can help you cope in these turbulent times.

Sounds good?

Workshop details
  • The fourth run starts at the beginning of fall 2020;
  • Costs: € 150,- or $ 169 (21% VAT excluded)
  • meant for advanced and (semi-) professional photographers;
  • written for documentary family photographers, but;
  • open to photographers from all genres;
  • 3 weeks;
  • 3 assignments;
  • no pressure;
  • a safe and supportive environment;
  • a private Facebook group;
  • lots of fun, because we need that right now!

Are you ready to pick up your camera again, to find the passion for your photography again or to learn how to stay close to yourself when you are photographing? Please sign up now. And please don't wait too long because seats for this workshop tend to go fast!