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Nederlandse student? Vul dan hier het Nederlandse registratieformulier in!

So great you are joining! Can’t wait to work with you! Please fill out the registration form below to secure your seat. Please note that you can register as a private person or as a business. Private persons and businesses outside the EUR don't pay VAT. Registered photography businesses in the EU get the VAT reversed charged to (0%). Private persons in the EU have to pay the VAT, which is 21% on top of the Early Bird price or normal price.

After you have registered, you’ll receive an invoice that I’ll send to you no later than a week before the workshop starts, but probably much sooner. Once you’ve paid the invoice you’ll get admitted to the private Facebook-group of the workshop on the day the workshop starts.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can reach me directly at

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When you have a registered photography business in the EU, the 21% VAT on top of the regular price of the workshop will get reversed charged to 0%. Please check your countries' regulations if you have to pay the VAT. To qualify for the 0% VAT: please fill in your business name and a your business VAT number below.
Required for EU businesses